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You’re Moving You to a New State! — 5 Comments

  1. Amazing! Just last night I dreamed that, despite a recent cross country move, my husband and I were already moving again.  I knew we were going to a new state.  I felt joy at it. I was pondering it as it felt like a prophetic dream not just a dream, when I found your post.

  2. Very strange remarkable confirmation: This morning – a day after your post, I listened very first time to a youtube sermon of pastor John Klein, just randomly, because this preacher tonight will be speaking in a home group around the corner here. The title is: John Klein – Behold I Do a New Thing. Oh my…. it is all about moving, not particularly to other places, but about coming into destiny and GOD’s purpose for our lives. Maybe a link is allowed ? It is truly a humbly and real sermon, filled with encouragements.

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