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Delivered into the Glorious Light of Vindication! — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Deborah Fry, I received the word today of VINDICATION. I love the Word today and all of the scriptures spoke to me. The Lord Bless you for all of your faithful writing of the Lord’s WORD. Carol Morrow

  2. “Why do you condemn yourself my child?  I see you as perfected in Him, the Son”.  …I shall vindicate the afflicted among my people; I shall save the needy of my children and crush the oppressor.  These statements are for me personally. Thank you thank you thank you for affirmation. Praise Him. Spirit of praise for heaviness, joy for mourning and praise for the spirit of heaviness…Today if you will hear my voice…Blessings, Patricia

  3. Once again, spot-on!!
    I’ve paid this beautiful encouragement forward. Thank you beautiful lady!! :)

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