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  1. Oh Elizabeth we had some youth come to minister and it was the same as 50 years ago; LIKE A CAMPFIRE SING ALONG

    I WAS LEFT DEVASTATED. 50 Years and nothing has changed.I wrote a poem as a 17 year old ” and their worship, I must insist cannot bring the Holy Spirit into their midst”

  2. I think you have put into words the disapointment I have been feeling after the meeting yesterday evening.
    I just wanted much more.

    • Were we in the same meeting?  It was the most amazing move of Holy Spirit I’d experienced in a meeting in a long time?  What were your expectations?

      • I am in South Africa Linda and many many churches are still operating in the Nicolation way- lording it over the laity. SO BLESSED YOU EXPERIENCED A GREAT MOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT HALLELUJAH

      • I had no expectations.

        In many ways, I should not have been disappointed. It was a good meeting. The Holy Spirit was moving.

        But I came away more hungry than I went.

        The comment about worship may be part of the clue – but it is not the whole story.

        I am longing for so much more.

        I am getting glimpses of how it could have been. Glimpses that are way beyond anything I have ever experienced.
        A longing for something much much better.

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