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  1. 2 weeks ago (3-10-24) I had a vision.
    I saw an amaerican football stadium. The ground was heavily used from the saison so they rolled a new green gras out.
    The Lord said: It is prepared for bid event.
    I asked the Lord: What is taking place there?
    After a while, I was asking several times about the event, he shoot one word like an arrow in my heart.
    I knew immediately what was meant and was shocked and shaken to the core.
    Than I saw that hundreds of gallows beeing moved into the stadium.
    There was a court with judge, prosecuter etc.
    Than I saw accused brought in and i new it will be thousands.
    And a lot of them will be those who call themselves jews.
    Than they brought in victims and witnesses: A large crowd of abused, murdered and exploited children who pointed with their fingers to their abusers and demand justice.
    There was no time for repentance, regret or defence.
    These peoples knew it was their day of judgement and they get what they deserve. 
    I was around 45 minutes in this vision in a church meeting with heavy emotion und the fear of god.  This will be a historic event and time.
    I am not sure if this is a picture for what is coming or if this will really take place. But i am convinced justice is going to be served publicly.

    Ocke Krueger, Germany

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