Determining the Future of America


I have been observing many posts about this political candidate or that one, like a political candidate is going to save America!

Saints we are in trouble in this Nation!  It’s going to take more then a politician to help us.  It is going to take repentance, deep repentance and fasting and prayer.  Much fasting and prayer for any kind of turn-around in America.

Many leaders are prophesying about a third great awakening, like its going to happen just because they got a prophecy.  What will it take ?

We, the Church, are going to have to repent, not just for the sins of the flesh, but for spiritual sins, pride, arrogance, greed, covetousness, selfishness, prayerlessness, and the idolatry of worshiping celebrity preachers in the name of the doctrine of honor.

We will have to repent of our worldliness and our materialism; our love of money and lack of love for souls; of our politically correctness; of our merchandising the Gospel and making everything about a dollar.

We must get back to being a House of Prayer, weeping between the porch and the altar and calling a solemn assembly.

Calling a solemn assembly and sanctifying a fast, should be being cried out from every pulpit and ministry leader in our land.  Why is this not happening ?

Have we lost our love for souls?

Are we building our own kingdoms, instead of establishing His?

Are we too busy lusting after fame and power and popularity?

Do we not love our once great Nation enough to deny ourselves take up our cross and follow the crucified one to the cross?

Will we lay down our lives and Fast and Pray till our cities and nation are shaken with the power of God and genuine revival comes to our campuses and schools and our youth are coming into the Kingdom in multitudes, in mighty harvests of souls for our Lord and Master Jesus Christ Saints?

Will we rise to the occasion?


Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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Determining the Future of America — 1 Comment

  1. An excellent word, Kevin. We, the church, have lost the place of returning to the cross to let the crucified Lord do His breaking work in us.  The cry of my heart is: Oh Lord, bring us, your people back to the place of weeping and brokenness before You.  Amen.

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