The Word says: Let The Prophets Speak!


“Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge,”   1 Corinthians 14:29.

We are not going to get anywhere, shouting and pointing fingers at each other.  We’ve tried that; it didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.  Oh, for those days we could sit together and reason with one another.  We could talk about scriptures and express our own opinions about what we were sharing.  The Holy Ghost could quicken things to our spirits, and we had the ability to discern; both good and bad.  It was, unity.

The title for this post, is very clear.  Let them speak.  It’s not some dispensational thing from the Old Testament; it was written to the New Testament Church today.  Oh, we heard it once.  It’s likely, we’ve all read it before.  Somehow, in the back of my awareness, I knew there was more here than we chose to consider.

There are simple steps listed as to just how these should speak.  In times ago, there was no real question about what Paul had written concerning gifts and how they were to be operated.  There was and still is, only one Spirit.

Some of us came up in a time when folks were already uneasy, about the gifts of the Spirit, and how they should be used and administered.  If I recall, it was because there were some, who either tried to use these gifts for their own uplifting and profit; or operated in their own self.  We still see that today; even on here. If we do not have the ability to discern by the Spirit, it’s likely, we shouldn’t read or try to understand what all of these are saying.

The “unction” of the Holy Ghost, was not something we learned.  It was a result of trying to follow His leading.  Studying the Word, in prayer and fasting; staying “full” of the Holy Ghost.  You see, we must not draw back today, from what God has set in the church for us. It’s part of coming to fullness in Christ Jesus.  Back in the days of Bible School, it was stressed to us, that things were written and placed in a certain order, for a reason.  We did not put it there, and we cannot take it out.  Apostle Paul spoke strongly, that we not have our own private interpretation of what the scriptures said.

Two or three, and let the other judge.  That’s quite clear and to the point.  If anything be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace. What we have here, are instructions; sanctioned by the Spirit.

As a body, by praying together, studying the word of God for ourselves, reasoning together and having a determination to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost, and keeping it that way, we would have much more fullness in Christ’s church.  We can never reach that place, unless we allow all of the ministries to operate as they were intended to do; as it was written.

Paul did not say that we were to fear false prophets, he said to know them.  What is not of the Spirit, will soon wither, in these days, that we are in now.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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