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Disarm and Confound the Enemy — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Sandi-

    Thank you for speaking truth and reminding us to “come in the opposite spirit”. A convicting Word to read in the hour we live in.

    As I was hearing the news this week (the murder of children in a Christian school; and a barrage of all the injustice and wickedness across the land)- I was not thinking ‘turn the other cheek’ tonight. It’s as if our souls are on overload from the events of darkness daily that assault our senses.

    Yet your post reminded me to “choose Christ” in my attitude and heart – while opposing darkness. We are human and often mix the souls responses with carnal emotions. It is a choice and a discipline to walk in love – even when we want God to act in our way and time-frame in an evil day. It’s good to be reminded of the need to choose light – esp.in a dark world.

    • Thank you so much Elizabeth! I think we have all gone through those same feelings, frustrations and anger with what is taking place in our upside down world. It is truly a walk of disciplining our flesh and keeping our eyes on Jesus, amen? Much love to you, Sandi

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