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The Voice of Many Waters is Breaking Open the Way — 5 Comments

  1. Only like 2 sentences in but I have to stop and paste here, a comment I made to another friend, earlier this evening:
    We are in the Last Days…and what does God say about that? He says….”In the Last Days, I will pour out My Spirit upon ALL flesh!! Your sons and daughters will PROPHESY…dream dreams… see visions…” and more prophesying!!
    Father, we’re ready
    So pour out the Holy Spirit on we, Your children, Father in buckets full!! Streams and rivers and wave upon wave! Hallelujah!!!
    We are the CHOSEN GENERATION!! Many are called but few are chosen…and WE are the Chosen! Chosen for “such a time as this…” to witness the coming of THE KING!
    Woohoo Praise You, Jesus!!! I’m excited!!
    Are all y’all excited yet???

    ** I LOVE IT when the Lord gives me confirmation!! Bless you, Deborah. The Lord has used you’re prophetic words to speakto me many, many times! Such as: today

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