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  1. Also, the 1960’s TV series screened in black and white. I just found a TV movie about Batman, Joker, and 3 female supervillians (harlot). The title is ‘Gotham’s Dream’ and the Lord gave me dreams about Batman and Joker. The movie is in Italian. Could this be an allusion to the Vatican?


    Monday, September 16, 2019
    Time 6:06am

    Thus says Yahweh Elohim, ” Woe unto you Vatican, the Roman City of Abominations! Because of the many abominations of desolation in your Walls, I decree the Judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah upon you. Your Walls I will completely destroy and your many; priests, false prophets, stargazers, diviners, sorcerers, magicians and enchanters, I will Judge too, declares Elohim.”


    Heavenly Judgement will soon come upon the Roman City of Vatican, Seat of the Catholic Church in the World, which is the face of Babylon in the current Civilization.


    Pray that Elohim will not relent from punishing Vatican for All its abominations of desolation.

    Pray that the Set Apart Ones of Elohim will flee from Vatican before the Coming Judgement.
    Posted by Prophet Bernard Kibirige at 12:49 PM No comments:

    Saturday, September 14, 2019
    Time 9:25pm

    While in the Spirit, I saw pillars of smoke cover the Roman Conclave City of Vatican.


    In a Move remiscent of the Old 16th Century Reformation that Called for an end to the abuses in the Roman Catholic Church, African Bishops associated to Rome shall soon Call for an end to the current Secular and Atheist Views of Vatican and its head; Pope Francis.
    The Roman Catholic Church in Africa shall seek to break away from Vatican because of the New Dogma by Vatican.
    The Roman Catholic Church in Africa shall further seek for a redefinition of Catholicism.


    Pray for a New Reformation in Vatican.

  2. Years ago, the Lord showed me TV Batman on the outside and TV Joker on the inside. But TV Batman is a good guy. Consider this: 1. bats live in shadows or ‘grey’ 2. TV Batman has a grey bodysuit that covers his heart 3. good and evil come from the same tree 4. TV Batman is played by an actor who wears a costume 5. the crazy clown phenomenon was real 6. in the movie ‘Suicide Squad,’ Batman and Joker were on the same side – how could I have predicted that? Lord, thank you for removing ‘grey’ (compromise) from my heart.

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