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Divorce and Remarriage — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you so, very much! I thank God for giving me such a SOLID peace about this.  Blessings and peace to you and all yours.

  2. Yes, to the glory of God. I’m not getting divorced. Amen! The conclusion of this article is my belief. That my body may surrender, that my spirit and my soul may bless my Lord, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen!

    May the Lord Christ and God the Father fill me with the Holy Spirit and open new doors for me. Close the old door. The Hebrew year 5784 begins. All the destiny and missions that Christ has planned for me are, yes, all will be fulfilled. All will be accomplished without delay.

  3. To those now having married I give this charge – NOT I BUT THE LORD – a wife from a husband
    not is to be seperated!

    – If however also she is/be seperated,
    let her remain unmarried

    [agamos https://biblehub.com/greek/22.htm%5D

    or to the husband be reconciled!


    – And a husband a wife not is to leave / not is to send away!


    (Paul resp. the LORD in 1 Corinthians 7:10-11)

  4. Thank you, Dr. Allen for sharing this much needed teaching. Just a few days ago I was pondering this subject as I had been doing on and off for years . . . but now I understand.  Thanks be to God for you!


  5. I heard a lighter version of this message in 2007. It distinguished mainly between divorce and the putting away. It helped me make the most difficult decision I’ve had to make so far in life. Thank you for expounding and digging deeper on this topic.

  6. First learned about this in 99 but when I talked about it people weren’t interested. I still hear preachers today bash divorcees. I put up with my 2nd husband for 15yrs cos I didn’t want to do that again. He drank and took drugs. I walked out, waited on God that time asking what to do. After 3yrs He said to divorce. I have no desire to remarry.

  7. Rev. Allen:

    Thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit- in penning this article. It is clear you did your homework to ✍️ this. As with many controversial issues in the Church – the ‘Spirit’ of the Lord brings grace and freedom, while never disregarding nor abandoning the truth. The letter of the law kills, the Spirit of the law is clean and brings life. I appreciate your Greek study in shedding light on this much debated topic.

  8. God is always faithful. Thank You so much for this message. There is so much confusion regarding the issue of divorce for Christians. Thank you, for bringing much needed understanding and clarity, I am forever grateful to you and God.

  9. What an interesting read. This clears up much for me. Such an important distinction. I hope this gets shared far and wide. Thank you for sharing these insights with us, dr Allen.

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