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Are We Ready to Occupy in a World of Preoccupation? — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks so much, Patricia for your input. So true: at any cost! And count the cost, we must!! Loved what you shared about your experience and WW2 and the guard dogs(intercessors).YES! A good follow up word would surely be: Time to Take your Place! Love and blessings to you my friend, Sandi

  2. One of my most used comments to Him is, “I turn from the less-than to the Center-out out Reflection and infusion of the Very Best-than You are instead Lord.” I recite this decree especially when my flesh leads me to me, myself, and I. My imagination can so easily get caught up in the “look at me” mindset. I check it often.
    Oh Sandi, the waiting room…..the wondering if I’m doing enough, will I mess it all up, such pride is in those thoughts. They come from a place within me that hasn’t fully experienced the One Who never fails. A love so far above and beyond the comprehension of my carnal mind. But I remain confident of this, I will see the Goodness of the Lord in the land of the living…..:D
    God bless your beautiful heart Sandi!! :)

    • Very interesting, dear Cherish, it is surely your moment to come out of the waiting room! Thanks for sharing the process and where you are in it. Stay confident! The Goodness of the Lord is constant and never ending! Love and blessings, Sandi

  3. Amen and Amen, Sandi! both words are truly powerful and for now more than ever!
    There is so much to glean here for us. I love where Father God said He wants our heart… I love you sis. ❤️

    • Love right back to you, my dear sister Joyce. It is so good that He is a jealous God and He truly wants our whole heart!!! xoxo Sandi

  4. Sandi, We have been so bombarded by the propaganda of fake media when we so need to feed on the living good news instead. This Word is calling us to come up higher and occupy till He comes. My spirit is still bubbling from this Word. It is so timely a Word for the Body of Christ.  Praise you Jesus.  Blessings from above, love you, Patricia

    • Indeed we have been so bombarded and worn out with the fake news and media cover ups. May we truly ARISE and SHINE in this hour and allow the GLORY of the Lord to SHINE brightly in the darkness as we occupy and take back the land. Thank you so much for you huge encouragement, dear sister. Love and prayers, Sandi

  5. Hi Sandi, Loved this Word. At all cost we must occupy till He comes. There is a bubbling in my spirit in reading it. Am reminded of the American and Canadian occupation of Europe after WW2. Remember the Radar Site, guard dog (intercessors) and all. I lived on a Radar site here ( part of the early warning system and in France 10 years after WW2 for 4 years. They were watching and we too must take our place and watch and stand on guard. Will send this word to a few.  Thankyou.  love and blessings, Patricia

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