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  1. Today’s Holy Words, esp. from Jeremiah, are a huge comfort, because of the current situation. They did not stop breaking in. They want to cause trouble, stress, sickness plus they enter into private homes to lay out their ideas of solution. It’s total inhuman and against human dignity. Yesterday I brought an observer around the house to flee in fast speed, yes, like 7 times, according to the WORD OF GOD. After years of experiencing gang stalking, I sense and see them easier now. I surprised one who was lurking around, asked him directly if he needs help or maybe any information. He apologized and vanished ! And also they must flee, those men and even women who lie or sit in wait in cars when I come or go at different workplaces. When I notice them I look them directly into the eyes now, and they know that I know they get payed for their communistic regime jobs. BROTHER PAUL said, we are oppressed from all sides, but we stand. Brethren, I am not criminal ! I have no court case ! I am a free hard working citizen. Do you remember what happened since JESUS CHRIST walked on earth ? Spies where sent against the true believers, because of our FREEDOM ! I do not have time to search the Scripture I mentioned. Maybe in later today in one more comment.
    This morning I prayed loud in my bed, giving thanks for my “Heavenly Paraclete” – for The LORD’s steadfast continuous help, as well as I praised Him for my SIBLINGS IN JESUS CHRIST worldwide, before I visited HKP pages. Brother and pastor Ryan Le Strange made a very good statement about prayer. Thank you all !

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