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The Joker, The Queen and The King’s Stolen Crown (Updated) — 42 Comments

  1. We have the equivalent of the Queen Jacinda Ardern and the Joker the Speaker if the House Trevor Mallard. In New Zealand.
    Praise the IAM for revealing it.

  2. Genesis 16:12 Speaking of Ishmael, that he will be a wild man; and ever man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren. 
    I take this that there will be contention surrounding this mans life.

  3. I take this dream to also be saying that Trump won’t be back until Harris takes over for the joker. the joker is already showing signs of weakness, while harris is waiting anxiously in the wings. Ty Veronika.

  4. I have been forever intrigued by this dream.  Thinking about it literally, day and night, ever since you posted it.  I could not, for the life of me, figure out who that LION represented.  But through careful thought and prayer, I have come to realize that the lion is GOD Almighty HIMSELF- the Almighty Lion of Judah!  The King of Triumph, with his purple Robe and kingly scepter, represents Trump’s return, with the gold crown rolling right across the floor to him.  Taking your words, “I watched as the King put the crown BACK upon his own head,” you didn’t say upon, you said, “BACK upon his own head,” clearly indicating that after Biden and Harris (and Obama) all make “jokers” of themselves in their positions, the throne will be rightfully returned to Trump…The King of Triumph.  And now, I can lay this beautiful dream to rest. Thank you, Veronica, and may the Lord richly bless you!

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing this dream. Lots to take away and pray.
    I was given the phrase- ‘A tale of two kings’ when we were all praying about the elections in America. The first time was when I asked the Lord about the polls as I didn’t believe what the news was showing so He took me to 1 Kings 22, the story of Jehoshaphat and Ahab with the false prophets (media) who prophesied victory for Ahab vs Macaiah who was the lone but true voice among them. They prophesied before two kings, one good one evil.

    The second time was around November time 1 Kings 1 – the story of David, Nathan the prophet, Bathsheba, Solomon and Adonijah. Again in short, two kings, one throne, one chosen, one usurper. God wins!

    Despite all the noise about the prophets getting it wrong, thankfully Bathsheba (remnant) continues to prostrate herself before the King and cry out for the fulfillment of that which was promised.

  6. Love this dream, never apologize for what the Lord is speaking. I to had a dream on the 18th, iI was showned two pictures of Trump, back to back, he was sitting at a desk & his hands were hightlighted to me, in the first picture I saw four fingers & his thumb was tucked in.  In the 2nd picture I saw all fingers & thumb. I k ew the Lord was saying Trump is the seated President & will have back to back terms as #45.  Please join The Jump

  7. Jester

    a professional joker or “fool” at a medieval court, typically wearing a cap with bells on it and carrying a mock scepter.


    The definition from dictionary

  8. I was astounded when, during the Inauguration.  it was announced that Kamala Harris was ‘standing on the shoulders of many on this stage’ just as you have heard!

  9. Thankyou for this prophecy. I concur with the confusion over “the Jerusalems.”  I have had 3 confirmations of this error these past 2 weeks.

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