Don’t Get Angry with Me! — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, Heavenly Father. Please forgive me of disobeying You and complaining about what I’ve lost in my life. Please help me trust You and hold onto Your Promises to me.

    Love, Jay

  2. I have been under this attack for NINE years. I have done everything that is in God’s word.
    I am far from perfect, and I constantly repent when I fail. However, nothing ever changes. I
    have been praying for breakthrough constantly for NINE years. Nothing ever changes. Believe it or not I have watched my words, and spoken only positive confessions.  Nothing ever changes. I have tithed on borrowed money. Nothing changes. I am flat broke. God says he’s all powerful, and that he cares. LOL. Really, if he cares he can stop the attacks any time.
    God chooses not too. In fact I believe he enjoys see some of his people suffer right along with the devil.

  3. Hello and God bless you, Dr.June Sheltrown Reinke, praying and hoping all is well with you. I receive this message from the Lord, as I am found guilty at times of getting upset and at times frustrated with the attacks of demonic activity and desiring for the Lord to move hastily, but truly understanding it takes patience, faith and longsuffering at times in trials.

    I love Jesus, but sometimes when the heat and pressure is on high, I desire for Him to move quickly, but that is not always His plan or will for me at that time. I ask you for your prayers Dr.June Sheltrown Reinke, as I continue to move forward in the Lord to complete this journey and path.

    I thank God for you in holy service, very appreciative!

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