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Doors Are Being Opened and Unblocked for You — 8 Comments

  1. HALLELUJAH!!! Thank You Abba Father for you Great Love & And for us and thank you for the Holy Ghost Explosions of Resurrection of POWER being Released upon Us EVEN NOW! ☝✝️

  2. Some months ago because of my work, I stood at the 2nd floor of an old house and spoke with My colleague about the work we should do in the house.
    Suddenly I felt a quick gust touching the tip of my nose and the next moment I heard a bump om the floor.
    It has a about 6kg door that use to sit at the roof which you must use a stair to reach.
    Without a sound, it fell and touched my nose and immediately I understood it has a sign about “open doors to the upper room”.
    If it had hit my head – I could not share this.

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