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Yes! The LORD Made You Worthy! — 3 Comments

  1. Praise God! Amen! This is definitely, certainly pertaining to my life, my current situations as of right now. Sometimes we have to realize the sincere, true Love of Jesus Christ, the Love He has for his Church, his true believers, which is unconditional, desiring, full, deep of different levels of depths, which cannot be fully comprehended with my human brain.

    I’ve failed God so many times, sometimes there has been that sense, that feeling of unworthiness, that I don’t deserve his Love, his Goodness, or anything, because of years of disobedience, rebellion and sin, but the Lord is Gracious, Merciful unto me, many others, that we are nothing without Him.

    Thank you, for sharing, Pastor June Reinke! Most of the prophetic Words from the Lord, seem as though they are related to my many chapters of trials, tribulations, some of the deepest challenges, but Jesus is faithful in forgiving me, forgiving others, which I hold true gratitude and thankfulness, for all He has done for me and those on earth, believers, unbelievers. Much love extended, blessings and prayers!
    Shalom, Maranatha!️❤️

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