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Double Portion Prophets — 2 Comments

  1. May it be so for us, His Beloved Children..the Bride of Christ. As we work towards enriching more souls for the Kingdom. May we be partakers in Jesus Mighty Name

  2. Oh Holy Father, Yes Lord and Thank You. IT IS TIME!! Like the slaves of old running out of the caves of captivity I run today Father into Your Glorious Arms and Sweet Embrace!! I have waited and You are Faithful Father.
    I receive Double for the trouble and surrender it all to the out-pouring by Your Spirit into your oppressed children Abba Father. May it be so!! May it be so!! Thank You for restoring now ALL the locust have eaten…NEVER AGAIN will Your people.be shamed…NEVER AGAIN will Your people be shamed Abba…FATHER!!!
    Bless the beautiful feet which delivered this incredible Good News Lord Jesus!!
    Bless you Deborah. I so look forward to spending eternity getting to know you…we’ll celebrate like theres no tomorrow…only today:D

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