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There is Nothing The LORD Cannot Do! — 3 Comments

  1. I love you my Savior. Thank you so much our dear sister for this powerful anointed post which I believe is for me. Every letter is written for me. I’m Just recovering after a month long illness that I thought it was my time. I kept asking God if He was ready to take me but He kept on saying ‘No, that there are things yet to be done.’ I was feeling discouraged and a sense of worthlessness at times but the Lord kept reminding me of His love and plan for me. Thank you my King. Thank You beloved sister and may our God continue to use you more in the days to come. Shalom.

  2. I needed his word been feeling so unworthy and condemned Lord I know that you Love me
    No matter how the enemy tell me you don’t

  3. The Greatest Love! The Sweetest Love! Can we ever receive Love greater than this?! Holding on tight in your mighty arms.

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