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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ken I agree it is amazing what musk as revealed, I am not saying He is a Spirit born Jesus man in the earth but he definitely making sure the foundations of the western world the bases of what our nations are built stays in place FREE WILL, FREE SPEECH. Nobody has given our free speech status the same status as all those who screech and squeal who are trying tell us what we can and can t say IF FREE SPEECH IS A RACE OF PEOPLE WHICH ARE CHARTERS AND CONSTITUTIONS SAY IT IS YOU KNOW THE PHARSE WE THE PEOPLE! think of the racism the prejudice toward us, the devil wants this freedom shutdown this is what Noahs day was suffering from so lost the scripture says NOT ONE THOUGHT TOWARD GOD, the very seed of mankind destroyed no chance of eternal life a very sad thought. This is the devils only weapon is to so infect the seed of mankind with so much evil temptation slime and perversion that the path of right and truth is lost no one can find it all of our choices taken from us our God class of being gone. AS Genesis says God speaking He is now like us knowing good and evil without the presentation of both good and evil how can never have freewill to choose if there is only one choice you are not a human being

  2. The other day you gave a wonderful word,under the title of,
    “What Spirit are you following”.
    But in todays message when you say, Elon Musk is sent by God to reveal the evil,startled me,knowing the technology he is involved in.

    True God can use godly as well as ungodly people for his own glory.It is also a fact Electric is involved in a technology that will strip humans their freedom.Actually if his technology is embraced,it will usher in humanity’s slavery.The only way to avoid it the revolt of the people to go back to the days of
    Buggy,horse back and bicycle.

  3. John 16:13
    But when he the spirit of truth comes He will guide you into all truth for he will not speak on his own initiative but what ever he hears He will speak and he will disclose to you what is to come.

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