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Humility and Repentance is a Key to Healing Children and Families — 6 Comments

  1. This was very encouraging I am currently praying for my family to be restored me and my wife Savanna separated last year and I have been growing and seeing how I was not the husband and father God called me to be and I would appreciate your prayers in my family being restored

  2. This is a confirmation of GOD’s word. Throughout last week, and till today I was being nudged to read the book of James, I’d listened to it three times or more ( Audio Bible) and I was sensing in the spirit that GOD was emphasizing on it in the prophetic and I noted this down in my journal. I embarked prayerfully reading the word and writing prayers, I had finished on chapter 3 prayers and went to Church this Sunday 22 Jan 2023, where my local pastor emphasized the same thing.  This morning whilst reviewing and updating the notes I had written, and fasting ( That, God should give me the grace to move into the next territory of prayer to remove long-standing issues) I came to this site and found your posting. It was as if every word was a golden nugget. Oh!! I was so blessed, you touched upon all I had written and it was as if you read my prayers. This is no coincidence or mere chance. This is GOD doing his wonders. I thank you so much for sharing this and I pray that GOD forgives us for the careless words used and said. Indeed as written in James 3:10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. Please pray for me also for forgiveness, that I speak life. Thanks

  3. AMEN! This is so Needed for such A time as This! Thank You So much! This is so God!!! II personally need this & receive IT! & I have prayed and thanking God for the Suddenly Manifestation of Deliverance, Healing, Reconciliation, Restoration , Humility & Repentant Hearts along with Answered Prayers & FORGIVENESS! Breakthroughs MANIFESTATION for me & My Family & All that’s near & dear to my Heartstrings! ! Our words MATTER! Help us Holy Spirit to always speak Words of LIFE! ! ☝❣️

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