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Embracing Change — 7 Comments

  1. On August 3rd 2022 my wife (Robin) suffered a brain aneurysm, while in the ER she fell into a coma and was flown by helicopter 62 miles away. Driving there I received a phone call that said “We are in a fatal situation and are doing everything we can to keep your wife alive on the OR table.” I still had about a 45 minute drive, something or should I say someone (Holy Spirit) rose up on the inside of me and this authority came over me and I said out loud “In the name of Jesus I command the spirit of death to leave that OR room now.” Through prayer and the grace of God my wife survived. The next day one of the team members came in and said “That lady should not be lying there it was that bad. It truly is a miracle.” She spent the next 42 days in hospitals, 23 in ICU on and off life support in and out of comas. I watched with my own eyes my wife go from death to life. I saw miracle after miracle take place in her body. I watched but God moments, the suddenly of God take place in her throughout her journey. November 7th 2022 she went back to work part time even drove herself and on December 1st 2022 she went back full time.  The 700 Club did a taping that aired 7/14/2023. She had a follow up with her surgeon in May and he said as bad as she was the death rate is 90% and in most cases he is transitioning the individual from life to death basically making them as comfortable as he can till they pass. He said in Robin’s case it was nothing short of miraculous.

  2. O my; Jesus in His hometown; and I find myself in my “hometown” where I grew up; I find myself totally at odds with the spirit here; but I’m hidden in Christ I want to say for such a time as this.  Who knows what the good LORD will do with me next?  And yes, there are mountains to face everyday…a broken faucet; an empty wallet, but the love of God abides.

  3. Amen – Faith and the prayer/s of faith to Lead and move mountains. Leadership is so important. Our Savior – The Greatest Leader of ALL – Knows what His Body can/will do in the earth w/what HE’s given. HE gave us HIM! The Holy Spirit! If you’ve seen Jesus, you’ve seen the Father…if you’ve see the Holy Spirit you’ve see JESUS – Johm14:9 – One of the signs of a great ‘leader’ is the ability to galvanize gifts – GoD needs ALL of what HE gave us Church – that we are edified for the work of ministry Eph.4:12 not just for us, but to flow through us in the earth, for a real ‘climate change’.

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