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The Greater the Darkness, the Greater the Glory — 24 Comments

    • Dear Wong E Zim, it is indeed time to raise a Hallelujah and say AMen…we AGREE and stand together as His Glory is manifesting all across the globe. God bless you. Sandi

  1. Thank you Sandi for this end time word from the Lord. These words really ministered to me in a great way:
    “My Word declares that discipline and prayer are necessary, and prayer is simply communicating with The LORD your God.It is the way I have chosen to develop a relationship with My Family. I AM Love and Love is shown through relationship.

    As our relationship grows, it develops a strong communication. I AM drawing My People into a more intimate relationship in these last days, to reveal the depth of My Love and open up the understanding of the depth of our covenant.  Much love to you and yours!!!

    • Thanks so much MF, I have to admit that part greatly ministered to me as well. Relationship is what really is needed today more than ever in order to develop true communication. Thanks as always for your valuable input.Love and blessings, Sandi

  2. Hi Sandi,
    I’m new to your ministry; but your message resonates with me…except I find myself “alone” with Jesus now; no big ministry, outreach; it seems that the season of attending churches has past for me as I followed a specific prayer ministry and now attend a very small group which meets at best once a week.  I yearn for more fellowship, but because of my past serious abuse, others really don’t want to hear it or necessarily want to be around me…but the LORD is healing me and I just stay with Him as best I can.  P pray I’m on the right track. Blessings to you.

    • Where are you from Patricia? I would love to pray for you and/or with you. You are finding yourself alone with Jesus is so exactly where we all are each in a different way. It seems so different, I know but He is setting us apart in this set time to bring us completion in so many areas. So glad you shared your heart with me. Please give me your email or email me at holmansandi42@gmail.com and I would be glad to share a few things with you that I, too, have been through including abuse. Blessings, Sandi Holman

  3. Yes Lord! Amen!
    I believe and receive!
    This morning I awoke at 3am with and excitement in my heart for which I could not explain… I got up made coffee, started to read Tozer book and the excitement was growing! Finally I said “Lord, your thoughts?” He gave me a name from my past of 20 years ago. A young lady who was holding my hand as I was on my knees in surrender to Jesus!
    I was shaking and crying- a real mess- and the girl of 12 years old held on tight. I’ll never forget it! Since she has become I police officer and also identifies with the alphabet people. “What do you want me to do Lord?” He gave me the words to send to her of His heart of love for her. No guilt, no condemnation, no judgement, just love calling her back to him. I sent it. She has sent back a friend request! Hallelujah!
    Ya. Heart of God.. instant obedience..don’t think just do! Lol. I believe it!
    Thank you Jesus!
    Thank you Sandi!

    • Absolutely confirmation for you Marc, “Expect the unexpected, as I guide your steps in the coming days and months,” says The LORD. “I may expect instant obedience as I might be leading you in unexpected ways, and ask things of you that might startle you at first, but you must trust Me completely, as I would never lead you wrong. Flexibility must be your mainstay, as I AM reaching out to those who might never darken the door of the organized Church, but they are crying out in need.
      I believe you are on in as we move forward and the Lord is drawing those who might never reach out to a church. I believe there will be so many who will be called to ‘pay back’ the things they have received in very intimate ways. Much grace and many blessings, my friend, Sandi

    • Thank y0u, Anthony for your input. These days are surely like no other we have ever experienced but our God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. God bless you, Sandi Holman

  4. The Truth has set us free indeed!!
    The other morning the Lord gave me a glimpse of this Sandi!! I suddenly saw myself standing in a room like setting with many people all around, and there my eyes were opened and my heart began to rejoice!!! I wanted to shout to everyone “OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS AMAZING I AM FREE I AM FREE!!” But before I could I awoke….
    No eye has seen nor ear has heard, we couldn’t begun to comprehend it if we tried just exactly what He’s prepared for us Sandi!!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

    • Cherish, that is amazing. I love confirmation s like that. It is totally beyond our imagination or vision what HE has prepared for us! Love and blessings, Sandi

  5. Sandi, that is such an exciting and ontime word. Glory!
    I just sent it to Jonathon, my son in the Lord.
    I know it will stir his vision and fire too.
    I love you much sis and feel such a Holy connection for such a time as this with you.. Many blessings from the Lord Joyce

    • Glory glory glory, dear Joyce. I love our Holy connection that only the Lord could do. Jonathan is like a horse at the gate, isn’t he? Love His eagerness and how he honors you. Love you..peace and grace to you. Sandi

    • Thank you for sharing your witness with me. It is so good when the Holy Spirit witnesses to confirm His leading. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

  6. All might want to do some serious study about the least among you they are the greatest. This is the way the kingdom of God works. In this hour this will be come a very important thing. Not just the people who would not come to an organized church what about all of those the organized church has kicked out and told them to never return until they do it the way we say. They do these things thinking they are doing God a favor believing every body surely thinks this is right. Not thinking these people are Gods people they truly don’t understand what God prizes men think is less than nothing. O good word sister. You seem to have ears to hear in these times.

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