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Everything in the Heavenly Realm is Living — Ancient Doors and Keys — 10 Comments

  1. You stated, “The Ancient Doors to swing wide open, (but here is the what’s important to understand) these Living and Ancient Doors that are found in the deeper Realms of The Spirit, will only open to those who are walking in their true Kingdom Identity and Authority.” In reading this, I was delighted to realize you were addressing what I had just heard from Apostle Tim Sheets’ Sunday sermon on September 4, 2022, “Embrace Who You Really Are!” I thank the Lord for His confirmation of truth through these two people who speak Your messages! Thank you and God bless you from Claremore, Oklahoma.

  2. This word speaks of a coming Holy Spirit filled US President who teaches the whole world in the Kingdom of God. That President will bring from his treasures things both new and old.

    Listen and find rest to your souls.

    Matthew 13.52

    And God spoke last year about Ladders going up to heaven that will appear in each continent. And, about the Key of David.  I saw this as Holy Spirit ministries whose buildings are in the shape of a Key.  They will be terminals at the base of the ladders, giving access through the Ancient Doors up to heaven.  Angels will descend and ascend by those ladders.  The pastors of those churches will also have heaven access.

  3. This vision speaks of a leader who comes as a teacher of the Kingdom of God, who will teach the world. That teacher will bring things from his treasure, both new and old.

    It will bring forth the greatest revival ever seen.

    Matthew 13:52

  4. This is Powerful Truth!!!
    Today the enticer tried leading me down the path of; if I could ask for anything of earthly value from the Father, what would it be? It took me only a millisecond to conclude that, without the Center-out Reflection of the Image of my Maker it would only carry the stench of death…no thank you!!
    Until we are unplugged from the flesh and plugged-in to the Spirit, “things” hold a less-than-nothing value in the Face of the Eternal.
    This choice has cost me everything…and nothing…

    I’ll be praying about the flag beautiful lady.

  5. Sister Veronika, that is such a powerful vision! God bless your soul as you walk with HIM so closely. May the anointing and power on your life never diminish.

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