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Warning Words to Californians — 9 Comments

  1. Praise God for HIS TRUTHS! LET GOD BE TRUE & EVERY MAN A LIAR! Romans 3:4. We Pray for those in California! We pray for their salvation & Deliverance along with God’s Great Mercy & Grace for ALL of us, wherever we live! I pray that those the Lord has spoken to- to leave California would obey HIS Voice.  God is dealing with the sin of mankind Everywhere! & YES, Priscilla & the many others, There is A Great Awakening coming and it Surely Does includes California! God Bless YOU ALL! ☝

  2. Some of you who don’t know much about California need to understand that LA county is worse than Orange County. We want nothing to do with LA

  3. Heavenly Father in the name of Your beloved son Jesus who is the living blood line drawn in the sand for California, oh Lord teach me how to pray now for You to stop the shaking. Lord I humbly ask You to use me, right here in the middle of that very State. I don’t want people to suffer. I want Californians to revere You and stop ungodly practices. I want us to worship and adore You full throttle. We are called the Golden State for a reason and that is in order for us to shine and receive favor and blessings in Your eyes to be willing to for purification. Please don’t destroy the state where I am. Please take pity on this place and let my tears be enough. Remember that You spared people who sought to be righteous in Your eyes. Please spare California and redeem it for Your purpose. Let Your heart for California not be vexxed please tell your people that revival from the ashes and Beautiful Jesus’s blood has kept us from destruction. Lord let my plea with You be enough to fill the scales of saving this land for something far greater than myself. Please take pity on us and forgive us because we know not what we do against You. Keep us from destruction. Let it not be too late. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ and seal it with the Holy Spirit. Amen and amen.

  4. Here in California we also hear from the Lord and we don’t go and run away from something before God does through us what he’s said He is going to do. California is about to experience profound awakening. He told me long ago that it will come in the midst of darkness, the awakening will come in the one another’s as we care for one another.
    There are certain areas like San Francisco where people do need to get out as God leads them. When I was flying on the plane to India and we went over LA God said, this soon will truly be the city of Angels!!” So God is visiting us now. Yes there will be judgments but those are coming on all the world not just to Californians. God bless you for caring so much for us that you pray for us!

    • This commentary reminds me of acts 21 where Agabus Warns Paul of death and Paul said he was ready to die for Christ. Thank God for the warning for California and for those of you who are ready to die for Christ. Praise God!

    • My daughter was called to California specifically Santa Monica. She says mom “ I know God brought me here and He will guide me in what I am to do!” The Lord is there and working through many and many of my daughters friends who are Armenian like us are getting radically saved!! Praise God for His love of His children!!

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