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  1. Chris, I was reading another post which I will return to after this one. I thought to myself, “I have got to see if Chris Bennett is still here.” On an earlier post above here, I was not as optimistic as you were and stated so. What a difference a few days makes. Right now, I am flowing with much optimism for 2023. It took me awhile to get it. I guess I was still carrying some of the heaviness from 2022 with me. I, totally, agree with you that 2023 will be a great year and other believers are sharing excitement over this year, also. I’m sorry for having been somewhat of a downer on my prior post. I’m filled with hope and anticipation now. Praise God!

  2. Yes, I believe that it will be a good year, also. I do believe that things will get better, also. I don’t quite share the total optimism which you have, though. I don’t believe that all will just die down as the enemy has been at work and has been ruling in the world with much ease. People need a heart change. God is in charge, yet, He doesn’t control man. And, by the way, I love listening to Robin Bullock. He is a very good prophet.

    Listen to Chris Reed (I believe that is his last name) at The MorningStar where Rick Joyner is. He prophesied very good things for 2023 onwards, also. He did point out that there would be some hardships experienced in some areas. He’s another one who hears from the Lord very clearly. Mostly what he shared was upbeat. It’s just that damage has been done and some people will reap the consequences of choices that people made in 2022.

    I love your optimistic spirit. I look forward to this year, also. It will be much better than what 2022 was. I agree.

    Thanks for your post. I’ll let some of your cheer rub off on me. :)

  3. …Amen and amen! Thank you Chris, I so look forward to reading your prophecies and this particular one is no exception!  AND although your bio says that you’re a late-comer, you are proof that God’s timing is never late.  He has saved you for such a time as this…so you can touch the hearts of many!

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