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  1. Thanks to the mercy of the Lord Jesus, today, around my life, I began to discover.

    followed by the holy spirit
    The telepathic thing should be done immediately

    I take the key that Christ Jesus gave us,Heal them and set them free,evangelize them, pray for them .

  2. :D
    Ya,Amen!ya ! ya ! The Secret Place with you Jesus.
    Yes,is true ,your Love is powerful,wonderful…
    Holy Spirit pls lead through this process and shine a light on areas where you are not feeling satisfied.

    Process these areas with Holy Spirit, and pls lead me into a place of deeper satisfaction.

  3. YES. YES YES. Can <3

    YA! You are our Father who can be trusted to lead you to green pastures.
    Ya. Amen!
    And We Shine like a Diamond… And More than that.

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