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Exposing Athaliah — 3 Comments

  1. Amen indeed ️⚔️
    Since God moved me to this assignment place, I have had dreams of a massive viper/snake attacking me and have seen with the naked eye black other dimensional wisps/orbs? moving quite fast and then disappearing, which I feel are monitoring spirits.
    Also have some unplugged under the influence who like to stare at my home and they seem enraged at me, a woman doing no harm to them, just minding my business and trying to heal. Or another will pop up out of nowhere, see who I am talking to or just comes to dump and drain me. Its like being on guard with shield up and sword poised.
    I get through it by finding divine loopholes…I walk the grounds giving thanks, for this unique mission, I have a rant and then speak with my Commander in Chief Iosa (Jesus in gaelic) in the military tabernacle.

    I may be dealing with a snake but I am an Eagle beneath a Greater Eagle. Yet I thank you for this encouraging word because the of overwhelming factors some days

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