Monitoring Spirits — 20 Comments

  1. What is a monitoring and devouring spirit that I wasvtold is in my life. And what does that mean for me as a child of God?

  2. I am constantly having dreams of deceased relatives…animals dogs to be exact monkeys one…
    My sons deceased father would appear.
    My youngest son has his name and he died on August 24 of this year. His dad came to me in a dream hugged me and stated he feels SO sorry for me three weeks before then our son died an unknown death. First came down with a stomach ache…then tiredness went to sleep never woke up. Im so hurt. Please any insight.

  3. Thank you..i think my sister has a severe monitoring spirit. Manifested 40 years ago..she has never stopped mocking or imitating me. Please pray for me and my kids.

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