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Monitoring Spirits — 32 Comments

  1. They have been monitoring me for morethan 25 years through rats, now adays they send craws.they monitor me because of envy, Jealousy.They send their Jinn money times,but I have faith and love for Jesus Christ, their monitoring will yeild nothing,they are liers. As Satan is the father lie, false accuser. But I love and have faith on Jesus Christ

  2. I have often having dreams about deceased relatives, and animals such as snakes, bears, can you tell me what is going on?

  3. I am in the same situation with 3 individuals that was my neighbors and they sent monitoring spirits to monitor me and stop every good things I am doing, destroy me, break things inside my house, steal and coming in my bedroom every night to steal and molest me, they push my children out of my house and put evil things in my food and deposit their own stuff inside my house.
    What should I do? This is eating me inside and out.

  4. My husband has many spirits on his back. I’m sure he has monitoring spirit that tortures me day and night. When I am able to hide, here comes my husband (without fail) asking a stupid question, making me repeat the answer (like he can’t hear me) until I am aggravated and raise my voice. Then the torture starts again.
    My husband has changed and I have told him the truth about what is really happening. Be refuses to listen, believe, or help. He has become abusive. I love him and he loves me. Lately, he has bought me gift 3 times. H3 has never in 17 years bought me a Christmas or birthday gift.
    I see your advice, to stay away from the person and get rid of gifts. How does one do this if would are married?  5his evil has destroyed my health, career, family ties, friends, and marriage. My husband is all I have left, and now I depend on him because of the disability this evil has caused on me. But he is not himself. I know this is witchcraft due to all the symptoms and evidence. What can I do when I can’t get through to my husband? Please pray for me and my family? Help?

  5. I have read this article and indeed it has been an eye opener .Im 28yrs old lady whose been desiring to get married and only married men appear. i recectly tried real estate but ended up with more debts than i could ever think of .have been struggling alot with monitoring spirits at night and sometimes during the day when i take a nap. i also get weird nightmares . please pray for me for delivarance’
    my desire isto become a successfull real estate mogul.

  6. Pls assist I’ve been troubled by monitoring spirits dsy n night. Sometimes I cant even sleep at night fo days.
    I wil just slumber few minutes only to get a weird dreams, and in most cases it happen to be something I know of. This has been happening for the past 3yrs, I use to think its not yet my time by loosing opportunities in Life…

  7. I had an alleged minister from nigeria reply to on one of my Facebook comments telling me that god showed him that I had a female in the spirit realm monitoring me using an evil mirror plotting delay. I don’t know what to make of it.
    I’m not surprised if I’ve struggled with demonic oppression from family or opportunities I’ve created…habitual backsliding with self doubt, lust dtc since I was young…I’ve fasted / prayed etc..which really helps…but not sure if i need deliverance…?

    • Indeed beloved,you need not only warfare prayers but deliverance. Look, most monitoring spirits has legal rights,how do I mean?
      Some of them came as a result of sins of the fathers, personal sins: all sins are sin but you see, immoral sin of any sort, pornography, blood sheet, idolatry etc ,opens us up to satanic manipulations. I will advise that you submit yourself to deliverance . We had a case of a woman that almost every night,she will be molested sexually ,after all manner of deliverance prayers,our deputy director said, does that mean that this spirit spouse doesn’t hear “I bind you” so the sister was advised to embark on a fast during Christmas period and to her greatest surprise, the lord opened her eyes and it was her neighbour who admires her sexually (she is a widow) but because he can’t rich her now uses her spiritually through what we call “witchcraft for love making” he projects his spirit and uses her. So don’t close yourself to knowledge and other options.

  8. What is a monitoring and devouring spirit that I wasvtold is in my life. And what does that mean for me as a child of God?

    • Of course,the purpose the monitoring spirit is to devour. So ,it means you have greatness,of course,satan don’t trouble nobody’s,but great men and women. So fight. This kind does not go except by prayer and fasting. Continuous prayer ,not intermittent but fervet and prevailing prayer

  9. I am constantly having dreams of deceased relatives…animals dogs to be exact monkeys one…
    My sons deceased father would appear.
    My youngest son has his name and he died on August 24 of this year. His dad came to me in a dream hugged me and stated he feels SO sorry for me three weeks before then our son died an unknown death. First came down with a stomach ache…then tiredness went to sleep never woke up. Im so hurt. Please any insight.

  10. Thank you..i think my sister has a severe monitoring spirit. Manifested 40 years ago..she has never stopped mocking or imitating me. Please pray for me and my kids.

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