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Faith Must Overcome Feelings in This Hour! — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you Veronika for this highly inspiring message. Yes, I need to be more focused on Jesus than looking at the circumstances. Only He can reveal everything.

  2. Soo Good!!
    I’m in waiting. It’s so difficult to be here, in “waiting”. My emotions want to react immediately to the dysfunctions and wounds in my flesh. To bridle that has been literally like walking through hell. But I refuse to quit and I refuse to run out there until His Spirit says go. Much is developing in the “Darkroom” and in this Hour I need it All!
    None of me…All of Him!!
    God bless you beautiful Veronika, and thank you, I’m very grateful!!
    What an encouragement you’ve been for me in this dry and arid place!! :)

    • Amen! A reassuring word that is much needed for me now and always. Faith over my flesh is a constant struggle for me, I so appreciate Our Lord and/for this word!Thank you Veronica!Blessings!
      Thank you Cherish Berge for expressing what I am feeling also but could not find the words to express! God Bless you!

  3. Excellent word and reminder from the Lord for me. I need that from time to time, when things are hard and my faith begins to faulter. This post was a prayer answered. Thank you Father God and thanks for sharing Veronica!

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