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A Far More Pressing Matter — The Emerging Fiery Prophets — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you.  This is very helpful to those of us who are not prophets, have few prophetic experiences, yet can discern some things and been shown some things.  I loath the public trashing of people that I can clearly see are the Lord’s but may be in some error.  A man was allowed to come to our church to teach something I know to be in error; frankly I know our pastor to be in error on this subject, but he seldom talks about it.  I saw the visitor’s intro session, and it was clear he loves God but has gotten caught up in a false doctrine.  My heart broke, so I prayed that the Lord would shut his mouth before he said anything about the false doctrine.  I wish no evil on a fellow believer.  We are sometimes surprized when the Lord answers our prayers.  The man went home with laryngitis before he got halfway through his series.  May the Lord keep a lock on my tongue before I say or teach anything out of His will.  Pray for each other, and lets not hate those who are in error.  Even those who belong to Satan we should attempt to snatch back with our prayers.

  2. This is soo good!!
    Waiting in the cave and wondering through the wilderness is soo hard. My favorite word to use (besides completion and payday) is Opportunity!! Every challenge is truly an opportunity to turn from the flesh to the Reflection of His Spirit, so that He may grow Patience and Humility and Loving kindness…etc., etc., until the Faith He is within me is fully and completely formed…hence my other favorite word “Completion.” And as a result of the Work of His Hands, and my obedience by His Grace, He’s become my “Payday!!”
    Ouch and Hallelujah!! :)
    God bless your beautiful heart Abel Praise!!

  3. Such a wonderful teaching of truth. Many don’t bother to judge the prophetic because their itching ears are traveling from one word to the next until they hear what they want to hear and even then, it is only for a brief moment and they are off to seek another word. It is the same as those who follow the appetite for sugar but it can never truly satisfy the deep hunger. Thanks for sharing this great word, Abel. Blessings, Sandi Holman

    • Yes Dear Sandi,
      We see it both ways,
      The simons who want a quick manifestation,
      And the prophetic grandmasters who offer a quick and fast way to prophetic manifestations.
      We need to keep bringing the Truth and planting it in the hearts of The People of The Lord.

  4. Wow, another outstanding post and teaching Abel! There are a lot of false prophets or untrained, out there right now. Some have visited my church. Iv’ed wondered if they were payed to come and give a word. I believe I have prophetic gifts. May be a prophet in training, but I’m not sure. How can I find out, and what should I do to get trained, or should I just continue to follow the Lord’s leading? You are a great teacher. Have you written any books or know of a book I should read ?

    • Dear Janicee,
      One way to grow in the prophetic is to seek The Lord on who He will lead you to be trained in or under.
      The Lord identifies His Ministers and Validates His True Prophets.
      You have to seek The Lord to know who you will be instructed to “Listen to” and yield yourself to one whom The Lord will ask to pour His Grace over you.
      This is not something to be in a hurry about.
      The Lord promises to give shepherds after His Heart.
      As long as there are those whom The Lord validates; HE will use them to lead His people.
      Regarding books I can recommend on the prophetic; at this point none comes quickly to mind; should there be any; I will find a way to communicate it to you.
      Regarding books; I have not written particularly on the prophetic; but on key foundational things on the Christian faith and they are eBooks;
      However there are teachings you would find on “Ministries of Abel Praise” YouTube page; some are on prophetic ministry; and on other topics.
      I hope you find them and they become a blessing to you.

    • I’m right here with you. I like it in the Wilderness though, to the point the wilderness has become my home.

      I don’t trust anyone. I follow no other voices or people, except what I have learned is the voice of God. The book says the Spirit will guide you to truth, and that is the only thing I follow. Though I do not understand (I seem to be walking backwards), I’m going with it.

      Every now and then I get a reminder that I’m on the path still, sometimes it gets hard in the waiting and the quietness, not hearing a word for so long.

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