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Fake News or the True News — 1 Comment

  1. Yes, brother – all these fake news are a time and mind stealing program. To bring confusion and to blind the eyes and minds of billions.
    YEARS ago I threw TV out of my home. There were some friends who wanted even to command me to take television back, for relaxation or recreation. h… I am glad did not obey them. Songs and hymns are my joy. Through internet I get enough of news. True news. All what they said what would be “conspiracy” sooner or later came to the light. Now back to the Scripture: Kings of Media… even about these modern day pharaos our GOD gave us informations and warnings. The moon story is doubted in Europe too. The Holy ONE who entered, lived, died and arose in Jerusalem, even this they doubt. But we live officially in a time BEFORE CHRIST and AFTER CHRIST. Worldwide. So this CHRIST must be a very important person ! Often I told this to unbelievers and they were at least for a moment quiet then. Modern civilization need the gospel more than those in the bush. I hope people understand this right.

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