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I Declare to You It Is a Happy Day! — 3 Comments

  1. Truly blessed that the LORD has brought his word thur his Prophet!! I am overjoyed for the over flow of blessings forthcoming

  2. How awesome is this to me ? I was just asking Abba Father, in prayer a second ago, and then Bam, Wow, he wow me with these words.
    I Declare To You Today, It Is A Happy Day !! Yes, I believe it is Abba, A Happy, Happy, Happy Day, for me, indeed so. Yes, Abba, you have chosen and appointed me before the foundations of the world, you handpicked me, from the rest of my family. Chosen for all good works, blessed to be a blessings, for you have carried me, all my days, for such a time as this. I will celebrate and sing awesome songs to you, for you are so alive in me, you reign, you live, so good. I’m so happy, you have made me glad. I will rejoice for you have made me glad, glad, glad, in you. Abba Father, you are so good to me. I’m so happy, you are there always with me. I long to know you more and more, fill my cup Lord, overflowing with all of you, your awesome Glory, your manifestations, your healing power, with signs, wonders, amaze me, let me walk as you, let my shadow, touch others, your presence be seen upon my face, let me shine so brightly before men, let them run to me, draw them to me, for it is you that does the work through me. I know and believe you will make my name Great.
    I thank you for the Glorious Days Ahead for me, the increase, increase, hidden treasures, the Glorious Christmas, the Best of all the Best, and I would like to say Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you to the moon, I love love, love, and thank you in Jesus name for all you have done for me, you make me happy.

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