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Fear Not, Mercy Walked In! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you For your word of obedience, I have been struggling with injustice this year and keep hearing Justice in my spirit the waiting feels long but this word has certainly brought encouragement at a time needed most. I thank God breakthrough will come and all against me will see and know it is God’s hand that would move on my behalf.

  2. Outstanding ! Sister, your boldness, this clarity and TRUTH, your knowledge of THE WORD OF GOD is extraordinary, and to you shall be given the Crown of Life & Righteousness.
    Yes, I also know and love the precious holy words “IT IS FINISHED, TETELESTAI !”
    At 10:08 PM in Europe, I am heading for a rest right now.

  3. AMEN. Thank You Lord, and thank you Deborah. I downloaded to myself in rtext form so I can read and be encouraged today.
    You know how the number 5 is Grace?
    So yesterday, after battling the accuser ( defeated accuser) all day at work, I stopped at the grocery store…my total was 55.05…I laughed. I got to my car and turned it on…it was 5:55…if that’s not enough I looked down and my odometer read exactly 5000!!!!
    Do you suppose He’s trying to tell me something…:)
    Bless you and yours today Beautiful Lady!! May God richly bless your beautiful messenger feet!!!

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