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Jesus Says ‘NO’ to Weed — 15 Comments

  1. Hi Travis! When reading of your dream I was thinking of “anointing your eyes” as cannabis actually was a part of the anointing oil (“kaneh-bosm”in Aramaic) found in Exodus 30:23.
    I have never and don’t believe I will smoke weed but I do believe that God has created it for a purpose. The chemicals made by man that kills more people than cancer (chemo has a higher risk to kill you faster than cancer itself) has horrible sideffects. OxyContin and other drugs can give hallucinations.
    This has to be sought and tried out, like every prophetic word.
    The enemy will always try to steal and defile everything that could be a gift from God. Not saying that this is, but we all need to pray and ask the Lord about this. Maybe there will be a day and a time when we will be using things from the creation we never thought of.
    Healing is the children’s bread. God bless you greatly in Jesus name.

  2. Another poster on this website said God told her marijuana cures cancer. I have heard many talk of this. Marijuana comes from a plant that grows from the ground. It is an herb God created. Why would God not approve of it? Perhaps it should only be used in certain circumstances? God said he gave the herbs for medicine. Maybe God was telling this poster that marijuana does help with the eyes. One must consider that when used as an herb boiled in water, it doesn’t produce the hallucinogenic properties as when made into a cigarette. I don’t know that with scientific proof but read it somewhere. I once touched a marijuana leaf and in a fraction of a second, I got very happy then depressed. I believe God was telling me not to ever use it. But that was just me. I don’t know if that would apply to everybody. I think marijuana is something that requires a lot more prayer and research!

  3. I have never smoked weed but anything that changes your physical appearance (lips, teeth, gums, etc..) can’t be that good. I heard that it helps people with Cancer but I don’t know if that is true. I do know we take all kinds of medicines….even though we know the Word of God by itself can heal without any medicines. I pray we do better as people to leave behind anything we are seemingly dependent on. God can change any heart!

  4. Its not so much the chemical makeup. Its a spiritual thing. Cannabis promotes lawlessness and a rebellious and contemptuous attitude towards the Lord. It also messes with the person’s mind. I had a very hard working husband. He would tackly many projects. After a project with some “friends” for a few months, he started smoking it. He changed from a always busy and working person, to a bum who who sit around aimlessly and couldn’t do anything worthwhile. He became a hippy and had that disrespectful, contemptuous attitude. No thank you. Its not for God’s children!

  5. ive never done drugs in my life.  But I do have a great deal of back pain and heard cbd oil would help.  never tried it but I heard they take out narcotic part but dont know.  Is taking cbd worse then NSAIDs, the latter really harm your body if taken chronically??

  6. Very closely related to be not drunk on wine, but be filled with the spirit! God does not want his people controlled by any substance. Only by the Holy spirit! Amen.

  7. Conscience, I say, not thine own, but of the other: for why is my liberty judged of another man’s conscience? … I Corinthians 10:29

    • Some followers out here boasting in a false gospel that lulls them into thinking they have liberty to do whatever they want.  That grace is somehow a license for reckless selfish living. That’s called drinking from another well, my friends. True freedom is being yoked to Jesus and the statutes of our holy Father. The highway of holiness is the path to true happiness. Be not deceived!! I used to placate myself with bible verses taken out of context too. Being high is the equivalent of being drunk. And we know Papa desires a pure and spotless bride for His beloved son. No other “lovers” in the mix.
      It is time to get real saints. Quit playing.

    • SM – 1. I have yet to see a true Godly man or woman who promotes weed. There is something about a Jesus-loving saint that does not mix with a drug that alters the state of one’s mind. 2. The world is promoting weed. Who is the prince of this world? 3. Many are in bondage due to weed use. Would God allow his son or daughter to use a drug in which so many are bound to?

      • Yes Lynette.
        The world is promoting this drug – politicians, music artists, professional athletes and others. If the world is promoting something, usually there is a demonic spirit behind it to deceive people.
        Thanks for your comment Lynette!

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