Fight on through to the Throne Room!

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When you’re talking, you can’t listen!

Some of the greatest revelations and nuggets of wisdom, come many times in a conversation.  Listening to so many people, expressing many times the things they are experiencing or going through, has cause some great moments of eye opening spiritual enrichment.

I have found the greatest enjoyment for me is to sit and listen.  The ability to hear beyond just mere words and to listen with my spirit, has brought me many times to new understanding of certain things.

Being in the midst of people that articulate a subject on different levels of understanding opens your mind to new ways of thinking and broadens your mindset.  Listening as a leader, has help me in my ability to comprehend the spiritual maturity of those who I am entrusted with by God, to help train teach or impart knowledge wisdom and understanding into their lives.

The ability to understand each dimensional phase of their lives, helps me to be more effective in dealing with their spiritual makeup.  Sometimes, it’s a simple conversation with an individual along with spiritual discernment that gives me the insight I need to be able to minister to them, at the level they operate in.

Too many leaders miss the opportunity to learn from those who are entrusted to them, because they are always talking and never listen to them, as they pour out their hearts.

As a leader, my ability to always have a student heart, has helped me to have the ability to look and listen to everything as a learning experience.  Keeping that student mindset, has given me the ability to learn from different ones, as I encounter them through the years.

Something God said to me this morning really gave me insight.  He said,

“People will remain in what you think is spiritual immaturity, until you can give them spiritual stimulation.

You will not get them in a passion to develop and learn more, if you don’t have the ability to address them at the level they are walking in at that moment. 

You will always lose them, if you are trying to capture their spiritual attention beyond their level of comprehension at that moment.  Teach them where they are at, so they will want to grow to where you are.  

If they don’t understand, they won’t have a desire to want to learn more, because misunderstanding produces frustration in a person.”

I love these early morning teaching sessions with the Holy Ghost as He ministers to me to make me more effective in what He has called me to do.  There are times I just sit in the presence of The Lord with just a notebook and pen and write as He downloads these kind of pearls of wisdom into my spirit.

Oh, to listen has been my greatest learning tool in my pursuit of more knowledge and understanding of God and His Kingdom.  I have learned more keeping my mouth close than I ever have talking,  because if I’m always talking, I will never hear.  If I don’t hear, I will never learn.

Even when reading the Word, I am listening.   I’m not just digesting words, but I’m listening with a spiritual ear.

Listening like that has help me to feel the spiritual pulse of the words and to receive an understanding of what the author was saying as they were moved by God to write.  Now I understand what they mean when they say the word brings life, because as I listen in the spiritual as I’m reading the Word, that word takes on form in my life and begins to live in me.

From now on, instead of you always wanting to seem like you are the expert on everything, why don’t you listen?  You may find out you don’t know it all, like you thought.

Reacting to the troublesome actions of others

As a leader I’m faced with challenges, that if I wasn’t secured in who I am, and who I served, I would be shaken out of peace.

There are times that things arise that seem perplexing, and if I wasn’t on a solid foundation in my relationship with God, I would be overwhelmed.  Dealing with other leaders can sometimes be a burden, when they are into other things besides being pleasing to God.

I have learned in this stage of my life, to not allow anyone’s actions to effect me spiritually or emotionally.  Being able to survive the persecution and attacks in ministry, is only developed through a mindset of faith in God, and knowing that satan can use anybody who is not disciplined in certain areas of their life.

Knowing that someone has issues or a problem against me, has never stop me from obeying the will of God or walking in love with them.

Have I ever had to accommodate my enemies and do for them?  YES I have!  God is not concerned with how our flesh feels when it comes to His will and our obedience to Him.  He is not concern that He is asking us to interact with those whom we know may be jealous against us.  He just wants our obedience.

And yes, He can show you their heart.  Yes, He will let you see their personal issues.  Yes, they may even try to destroy you, but God will yet require you love on them, bless them, even fellowship with them, because He is not looking at whether they have hurt you.  He just wants you to complete the assignment with them.

My most important spiritual lessons I have learned have been through those whom I personally didn’t want to interact with, but being around them, taught me some things that I would have never known.

Is every assignment peaceful?  No, they are not.  God has assigned me to people who don’t like me.  People who oppose me.  People who do everything in their power to discredit me, or try to hurt me.

Do I want to dismiss them? Yes I do.  But then God won’t allow me to disconnect, cut off, or distance myself from them.  And because they are an assignment. I can’t put them away.  I am compelled to continue to work with them, because I know our destinies are connected to everything we must go through!

Do I sometimes get weary?  YES!  Because in spite of how much I show them love, how much I reach out to help them, how much I try to get them to their purpose, they sometimes fight the progress, which puts more warfare in my path.

I have learned a very valuable lesson on this journey as a leader, that I must look at everyone as a kingdom investment, and never to lead from the depths of my emotions, because if my emotions are abusive, hurtful or afflicting then, I cannot effectively hear from God to complete and work with the unpleasant side of ministry.

Fight on through to the Throne Room!

Just like God did for Daniel, He is about to send an angel to fight for you, so you can continue to pursue God without an unnecessary distraction.

He don’t want you to stop in the second heaven where it’s warfare. opposition. and battles.

He needs you to continue your ascension into the throne room, because right now you need to get some instruction,s directions, and some dream clarity.

You can’t let anything come between your intimate moments with God!  Not in this season!

Don’t put Prophets in Your Own Box!

LET ME JUST SAY THIS:  Every prophet has been given their own mandate, and every prophet doesn’t have the same cry.

Just because they not prophesying what you’re saying, don’t mean they are out of the will of God.

One may cry judgment, one may cry restoration, one may cry blessings, one may be called to curse some things.  Each Prophet has their sphere of authority and range of operation.

Stop putting everybody in your box.  You may be called to a region another a nation another global.

Only God decides the assignment of each prophet.  When we stop trying to clone, or package our gifts and anointing, and allow people to be who God has called them, we will not have these competition and prophetic rivalries going forth!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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