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  1. We all shall strength our FAITH to The FATHERS KINGDOM, practicing the AVOBE TRUE Message, and all Breathers’ of All Ages, with Maturity & Purity, should JOIN and OBEY ♥♥♥HIS COMMANDED ORDERS & summit to HIS ARMY, to fight for HIS KINGDOM fully and combat the current zatan enemy, whom wish to barren us to existence from HIS CRATION with THE WRITTEN LEGAL LAWS OF INFINITE SHALOM FOR THE EVERLATING NEVER BE ENDED BY HIS GOVERNANCE RULING IN HEAVEN’S, AMÉN..! SELAH.
    BREATHERNS, JOIN ♥♥♥HIS ARMY, without cowardly, AMÉN..!


    1 PT 5

    RV 12

    1 JN 5

    1 TI 3

    JN 12

    EPH 6

    JN 8

    IS 14

    1 TH 3

    LK 4

    DT 6

    JMS 2

    ACT 26

    JN 1 to 15 (16)


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