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  1. Thank you so much Sandi for this awesome word. My husband died 4 April 2023 and my only son Clinton 1 October 2019. It is only God through the Fire of The Holy Spirit Comforting teaching, Supernatural protecting me thank You Lord Jesus ✝️ HE knows everything and He guide me, standing on His Promises Isaiah 54:5 The Maker of Heaven and Earth will provide in ALL of my needs and my mentally severely handicap daughter of 45 yrs.. ✝️❤️

    • Dear Mariehet Lombaard, Thank you so much for your input. I love reading everyone’s story. What a great testimony. He is so faithful. To God be the GLory, beloved, He is always watching over us. I am so blessed that you had a good witness to His words. Sincerely, Sandi Holman

  2. Thank you Sandi for this comforting word from the Lord.  I am so blessed by reading this poem also.  God bless you immensely and yours.

    • Dear MF, You are so welcome. I have always loved that poem as well. I receive your kind blessing with such gladness as I am recovering from a surgery on my ears today. God is so good. May you always be ‘spoiled for the ordinary’. Sandiu

    • Thanking God with you, Marc. He is so good! He is always with us!
      Many blessings to you! Never stop storming the heavens! Sandi

  3. Dear Cynthia, I am forever grateful for your blessed heart. Our God always steps down in the storm with a rain of His presence that cleanses and refreshes. Thank you for sharing, Be blessed, Sandi Holman

  4. Beautiful Word, Sandi! Listening to the song now. Ahh the times in earlier days we used to sing that song in a church I was in. Thank you my precious sister and friend for the repost. ❤️

    • Yes, my friend, Joyce, there are many older songs that seem to express the goodness of God that we often overlook in this hour as we witness the violent trauma designed to cause us to tremble in fear of life itself in today’s world. Thank you for your input. Love you! Sandi

  5. My heart is permanently damaged
    It is….. spoiled for the ordinary!

    So well expressed, Sandy! Though I only worked among the poor and the Gypsies in my Teenage years, evangelized on the streets of our Nation with Teen Challenge or other Missions, went to Bible School for 3 Years, reading the reports and wonders in the Bible, has „spoiled me for the ordinary“ alone!!………..China experience must have left an unforgettable impression on You!

    • Yes, dear Dorothea, the words of that poem express so well how the Lord stretches the smallness of our heart to forever change us for the ordinary and somehow HE swallows up the shallow self centeredness of the world’s influence and fills us with a grateful heart. Oh, what a savior and friend. I also worked with Teen Challenge in the US. Thanks so much for the pieces of your story you have shared with me over time. God somehow prepares us and equips us with steadfastness for the places HE sends us and the people we are blessed to meet and one day we wake up and with eyes wide open, exclaim, Oh my God, thank you..I shall never pass this way again. You have written eternity on my heart. God richly bless you my sister, keep standing! xoxo Sandi

      • I love your interest and loving heart for people, Sandi!! Your are truly reflecting the character of Jesus when I read what you receive, share and in your responses here. This is like a balm for many hearts….!
        We desperately need comfort in these times from other brothers and sisters!
        I hope and pray that soon we will see the manifestation of the Great Outpouring here in Germany too so that I among others will be able to share joyous reports too about all the wonderful things that will happen, – the times of the „calves jumping when coming out of the winter-stall!!!“

        • Oh goodness Dorothea, I am forever grateful for your precious words to me re: Jesus character. I so desire to be a reflection of who HE is in my life and what He has done in my heart. I am glad to hear from you because I was just reflecting on he work of patience HE has been doing in your heart and I heard, Tell Dorothea, I have not forgotten Germany or my faithful remnant there. God is isolating many in this hour to get our full attention and draw us up into His arms of love and protection as the world keeps whirling and spinning in confusion and despair drowning in their own self designed world. He say His eye is on the Sparrow and I know He watches you. Continue to embrace the isolation of togetherness for He shall renew your strength for the end of the journey but giving you NEW hope for tomorrow that YES, Germany will not be left out or forgotten in His soon revival in many areas. Love and prayers, Sandi

    • Dear Cynthia, I am forever grateful for your blessed heart. Our God always steps down in the storm with a rain of His presence that cleanses and refreshes. Thank you for sharing, Be blessed, Sandi Holman

  6. Thank you, Sandi!  I feel so inspired by these words.  It has been raining for 3 days straight where I am and I sense I’m in the eye of the storm, too, although that is where it is peaceful.  The words of the poem “Spoiled for the Ordinary” resonate so much with me.

    • That is great Alison, I love that poem. So glad it ministered to you. Where are you> Are you in the US? I will say a prayer for you that the peace that passes understanding will fill your heart and mind,. Many blessings to you, Sandi

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