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First a Review — Before the New — 2 Comments

  1. Bless you Joyce! Pull out all you need to. We share what the Holy Psirit give to all of us, and share it with hope that lives are forever changed.

  2. Mary, this Word is direct, simple and straight forward. May I please pull out?

    “What I do know is this.
    There are people who are aware in the spirit that the only stronghold in place right now, a place of immunity and safety, is in prayer and in surrendering to all that The LORD is asking of them.”

    May we be found in that hiding place!

    The denominations are surely being shook, as all pride in the Body of Christ.

    May we yield to the Holy Spirit daily, working in us. Help us all Lord to have a pure heart and clran hands.

    God bless you, Joyce McGuire

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