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  1. Brother Chris, The PHOTO, the MESSAGE, the POWER, the PURPOSE and the RING! What a POWERFUL message. I say. May we mount up with faith-filled hearts on fire to burn up all the dross, and carry the message with Holy boldness that patience has given us to be fitted together with the bond of love that never fails to capture the younger generation and reap the waiting harvest with a never ending revival! GBU, Sandi

  2. Brother Chris:

    Yea to you for posting this word today!! I’ve had dreams of keys and key rings quite often in last few years. I “thought” – upon waking – I understood what the Lord was telling me. And to a degree – I did. Yet like all things in the Spirit “revelation” is NOT static – it’s progressive.

    Because Holy Spirit is always on the move [as Jesus said- ‘The Spirit-like wind -He goes where He wills], He is taking us from glory-to-glory. I’m getting a download now from Lord- your “5 keys” word today is also a “upgrade” for the 5-Fold Ministry. The Lord is ‘re-fitting and re-purposing’ His endtime Army.

    Shalom to you, and your land.

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