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Forget the Things of the Past! — 6 Comments

  1. Most times i shed tears,cry etc but still have the strength to move on all because of what i missed in the past compared with present suffering. Thank you Woman of God. You have confirmed the heart beat of God for my life once again. Thank you Jesus.

  2. Praise the Lord! God bless you, Dr. June Sheltrown Reinke, a Minister of the Lord Jesus!
    Beautiful in spirit, a very fruitful word from the Lord, nourishing to the spirit, of divine strength, firm power of God, through the Holy Ghost!

    I receive the message shared in this post, for such a time as now as the devil seeks to destroy, steal, looking for victims to devour, but in this prophetic message I see us as God’s called and chosen victorious winners in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The enemy has been attacking the Children of God fiercely, I believe to see how true our faith is in Him, to see if we truly love the Lord Jesus, in whom we talk about, witnessing about, lifting up his name daily, the devil wants to see how true.

    I thank God for Dr.June Sheltrown Reinke, such a blessing through obedience in sharing, presenting this much needed prophetic message, of divine encouragement, inspiration for all who are willing to receive. I love you with the love of Jesus Dr.June, extending my love to all of my brothers and sisters in the Lord, praying that we all continue to keep the faith in Jesus, stand firm in the word of God, enduring until the end, embracing the message in this post.
    God bless All, peace!

  3. My daughter has gone throigh dome hard times in the last 8 years been in and out of jails and the last two years been dealing with stage 3 ♋ cancer this is a good and encoiraging word for her

  4. Thank you so much for this prophetic word.God knows just how I’ve been feeling lately.I really needed to receive this word today.forget my pass,

  5. Thank you, dear sister June. The devil and his minions have fun in pointing fingers and screaming and accusing “All is your guilt!” BUT GOD… HE knows the truth. HE knows who is guilty and who is innocent, He knows the evil hearts, and He knows the pure hearts. He knows the traps that were laid. GOD KNOWS, and I know, MY GOD is truly giving the better future, now and forever.

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