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You Do Have Strength! — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you Father for all the troubles that came my way.

    They are here for a purpose and I must go through them and emerge a conqueror.

    Lord, you are for me and when you are for me, who can be against me.

    I am truly humbled by my circumstance. Thos is Elaine from Singapore.

  2. I have the strength to live out this life to the fullest, regardless of all the obstacles in my way and the troubles that come are more than I think I can handle, but the Lord sends someone to cheer me up and lighten my load. Then I press forward with faith again, trusting in God, I can go on still more than I realized to see another day.

  3. My God thank you for caring so much for me,I just received two bad news today and book!! I come across this encouragement word…shuuh Jesus u love me too much ooh…
    I worship you alone hallelujah.
    Thank you for. Strength and sure I will come out of this stronger

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