My God, my God.  Why?  He did not have to do it, but He did.

When we do not study, and we are not really encouraged to do so, we miss so much.

There is a question that has been drifting through my mind for some time now.  Is there a reason, why so many of us were not directed to know God’s word for ourselves?  How could things be taught then, that had nothing to do with the Word – and don’t, even now?

How did the purpose of following the leading of the Spirit, become so less important?  It was the Holy Ghost, who was to lead us and guide us into all truth.

It’s apparent today, that we need to get back to some common basics in our walk with the LORD.  For example, how can the Spirit teach us, if we are not following Him?

The New Testament scriptures tell us that the Spirit is Truth.  So, how could we say we know the truth, if we are not following where He leads?  We may have missed a lot.

Did not the Word say, that Jesus was in all points tempted?  Were we not people, who were supposed to have grown in the depth and knowledge of God and His ways?

There were and are so many things that we shied away from.  There are questions in this life that we all have had; yet we were afraid to face God with it.  Much less, tell anyone else about this place we were in; these thoughts and questions that we were afraid to put words to.  God looked ahead, and He saw me.

In an earlier time, it took me personally getting to know our Jesus Christ; for myself.  Much study of the Word, much prayer and fasting, and a new desire to know Him, resulted in knowing things I did not know before.

I don’t know why so many of us did not see the many things written in plain sight; words we had read but looked over for years.  Without that spiritual understanding that only He can give, we didn’t dare ask, why God let His only begotten Son, be tempted like that.

Why me?  Some terrible things have come upon many of us even recently, and it’s taken years for us to finally get deep enough, so we could say out loud, that God had allowed it to happen.

Who was it, who led us to believe that we were not to ask questions?  Was it not stressed enough by those we trusted, that “we” were the ones who would one day stand before God for ourselves, not anybody else giving account?

A lady called me this evening who has been suffering a lot.  She lives in constant pain from a badly shattered shoulder that cannot be repaired because of her health and her age.

Now, on top of that and more, she may have an issue with her heart that needs medical attention.  She said she felt angry, because here was another burden on top of all the others.

I confessed that I had been angry with God at times.  And that I told Him I was.  Funny, that He already knew that.

Don’t remind me of that teaching, that said we were not to hurry God.  Well David did.  He said hasten, I’m going down here. I’m falling apart, my enemies are running all over me, and I am broken all to pieces.  Bones melted like water.

We get tired.  Our bodies grow weary and our spirits are dragged way down.  I see.

Admitting that, makes us less of a person and God thinks we’re being ungrateful.  Who says?

Our Jesus suffered; oh, how He suffered.  I won’t understand it all right now.  But, one day, I will.  Looking through time, “He Saw Me.”


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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  1. I love that “simple” normal article so much. This life we live is or better to say, should be like Jesus lived, but we are so still very far from His suffering on the Cross of Calvary.

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