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  1. Yes, I also go back and read your prophecies.  This one is coming to pass!  Amazing!  Thanks God for giving these words to Mark.  Thank you Mark!

  2. Mark, thanks so much for all you do, and say.  I love your new website, and the other one, too.  I try to keep your prophesies in my mind, but did not connect Ukraine with “Full Circle.”  The first time you read the prophesy, recently, I didn’t connect it, but when you said, “Here’s the key,” and read it, my mouth fell open, and I got it.  So, glad you pointed that out on the recent Chris McDonald program.  I know from the Bible, and personally, when God says something is going to happen, it will happen.  I listen to every video that you are on that I find out about.  Also, I check your telegram.  Thanks so much for spreading the truth that preachers should be doing, also.  God bless you.

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