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  1. the Lord put this in my spirit for some time now. that the evil that is taking place is the Devils counterfeit of end times.He’s trying to put fear into THOSE HE CAN PUT FEAR INTO. He is attempting to take control before his time is up. some Christians have fallen prey to his wiles and been tested and vaccinated. they have been deceived. We must pray for them. the church is being shaken and people can be seen now for their standing or not standing in Faith. we are to trust God in all circumstances and stand firm. THIS THAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW does not resemble the end times recorded in the scriptures. it’s pure deception. the Lord has been calling the church to WAKE UP FOR SIX YEARS, IVE HEARD HIM OVER AND OVER. HE ALSO SAID ARISE.

    • The Bible says 335 times to “not fear” or “fear not” I’m thinking it is not God’s will that we live in fear. I also think fear is like nourishment for evil beings, it strengthens the enemy. Words are powerful things. God created a universe with words. Speak to your fear. Speak the Blood over fear, speak the answer over fear, and then cast it aside. And for goodness sake, never make a decision from a place of fear, it will usually turn out to be a mistake.

  2. There is hope and to see this evil is so scary. I know God wins and he created us equal but some just don’t get it. My Grandfather also talked about the end of time and you would think it was occurring. God bless everyone and pray we are all safe from these evil people.

    • I am of the mind that we have been mislead forever. There are so many scrolls and writings hidden from us that would give us clarity. Mark Taylor prophesied these would be uncovered.  I am not sure, but I think the “end of times” is the end of them, not us. The end of the beast system that has had hold on this world since Adam took a bite of fruit. Or it could be that the enemy is trying to hasten Armageddon, in which case I don’t see God allowing that. This will all happen on God’s timeline, according to God’s will. While I am not sure what is to come, I know Who is in control. I know in Whom I place my hope, I know Who will strengthen me to see my path through to the end.  Things work for the good of those who love the Lord, and I love the Lord, regardless of His plans.

  3. Thank you for giving me hope again. After I heard that the mayor of DC was sending the Syrah national guard home and the mayors and city councils of several cities were disbanding their police departments, my heart sank. But reading your words have filled me with courage.

  4. America is Babylon. It’s about to topple for sure. Yall have his people in Bondage, with Iron yoke on their necks. You took them from their land Deut 28:68

    • We need to bring God back I don’t care if I seem crazy, I’ve been driving around playing Kim Clement gospel music loud trying to get people to join me It’s fun America was founded with God in mind I thank you for teaching us these prayers Mark Taylor

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