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Future Food Shortages — Worldwide — 6 Comments

  1. As it happen in the days of Joseph bibically
    It will happen in the reality
    Take lessons get off our butts research and learned. It’s time to harvest it’s 2 prepared. AMEN☝☝☝⏰⌚⏰⌚

  2. May we prepare, in the natural, as The Lord leads, AND Prepare our hearts, IN HIM, for His Supernatural Supplies!! If Moses and the wandering Jews were supplied in the Wilderness for 40 years, as well as the ravens and angels supplying Elijah in the Wilderness, why not His “Out-of-this World” Provision for His People today and the days to come?!

    • Amen! God bless you, brother! I believe that we can prepare in the natural and I also believe it will take supernatural faith in Jesus Christ, to rise above any challenging circumstances, whether it be famine or any other opposition, God is in charge and is still working today as you mentioned, in the day of Elijah the Prophet, Moses, 3 Hebrew Boys, Daniel and so forth.

      God bless you, brother! We can prepare naturally, but all of my life I had to trust in the Lord by complete faith, for this is what pleases God.

  3. Hi Mark,
    I believe what you have spoken forth is from The Lord. For over fifteen years, I have been given the story of Joseph many times and recently, I finally understand why when 12 months ago The Lord revealed to me that I need to stock pile herb and vegetable and fruit seeds including saving seeds from my own herb, vegetable and fruit seeds. In the last 6 months, he has revealed to me to buy fruit trees. Some Christian people have laughed at me saying that i am wasting my time. Thankyou for your timely word. Blessings.

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