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Compassion and Faithfulness — 2 Comments

  1. Praise God! All Praise and Glory unto the Lord Jesus Christ, who is unable to fail, but who is able to exceedingly above and beyond the imagination of men and women. We could not contain the entire fullness of his Divine presence or Anointed Power, we could not bear it and live, for he is the Great I AM, hallelujah Jesus!

    God bless you, Minister Reinke!I pray and trust all is well in the Lord Jesus. I thank you, for sharing this post and thank God for choosing you to use to reach many souls at such a time as this, those who comment and blessed, those who don’t comment on the posts, but yet blessed.

    May God smile upon you,continuing to use you for his Praise and Glory, to be a spiritual bread winner of souls, God’s jewels. Peace and Blessings to all, much love to everyone!️

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