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I Will Give and Give onto You! — 10 Comments

  1. Thank You Father God! You are my portion and my exceeding great reward. The boundary lines for me have fallen in pleasant places. I believe and I receive the resources and the provision that You have for me to be building Heaven’s Kingdom here on earth! Let’s go do something fun and joyful to bless Your beloved ones around me!

  2. Thank you Father…and it is so! I belive and I receive what is is that you have for me. I trust you, I know you have heard my hearts desires, my cries, my pleas and requests. Lord God give me what you know I need surprise me with more than what I deserve and entrust me to be a good stewrad over it all, for YOUR glory!

    In Jesus Almighty name Amen.

  3. Confirmation… My son often brings friends, guests home. Sometimes not easy to feed them when the income is low and bills are many. But the LORD never fails ! He rewards wondrously. GIVE AND IT WILL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU is a godly principe, we always experienced.

  4. I so needed this word!  I was in line this weekend for the man of God to bless and he kept skipping me!  I was so hurt.  I kept pressing into prayer and would not leave until he blessed me.  Thank you, I needed the reassurance that Abba Father is not passing me by and I don’t have to give a big offering to receive His blessings!

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