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  1. I have to continue that two days after the death of my brother the Lord gave me a vision of the Lord coming out of a battle carrying a lamb in his arms.  Last year I went to a christian conference in a hotel and there was an artist painting beautiful Godly sights and as I went to the hall to look at the painitings all had a sold tag except with the one with the Lord carrying a lamb in his arms. I was shocked that that was the vision I had. I gave my testimony and she received a word of knowledge that the Lord wanted me to have that painting for free.  He has blessed me with the knowledge that He indeed is the good shepherd to Him be the Glory!!!

  2. After a difficult time with the death of my husband and three more members of my family I have been in a battle for almost 2 years.  two nights ago I went to sleep and was very tired and as I was going to sleep I heard these words: We are with you and are fighting this battle for you be at peace.  I went to sleep and I woke up with so much peace and the pain in my body gone. I believe all the words written in this posting and I give the glory to the Lord and thank you for posting this awesome word.

  3. Dear Deborah, this awesome word confirms what the Lord is doing in my life.  My husband went to be with the Lord almost two years ago and then 6 months later my brother and sister and cousin. So last year was a very difficult time for me, the Lord used me to minister to these members of my family in their last days of their life.  Some years before these deaths my brother died young in his 50’s. He was involved with the wrong crowd who were in drugs and he became infected with a bad needle and in the mean time the Lord delivered him and he became a quiropractor but in the school he becae involved in a cult.  I was concerned for him so everywhere I went to church I requested prayer for salvation and deliverance for him. He died from hepatitis and after his death I asked the Lord Jesus where is my brother Lord? Continued

  4. I was reminded while in prayer today of a dream I had in recent years where I saw myself with two other people exiting an ocean. The waves were crazy, but I’d never felt so exhilarated in my life. So while the other two ran from the rough waters, I decided to turn and go swimming. I knew that nothing could harm me and that great exploits awaited me.
    He has produced, through the storms, a perfect canvas of His Love. Humility is truly a process, and completion and payday are some of my favorite words…..:)
    God bless beautiful lady!! :)

    • Thank you for sharing this dream, and Deborah for sharing words from God’s heart. It is exactly what I needed today from Holy Spirit, a re-assuring reminder when uncertainty and pressure threaten to disrupt our peace.

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