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Giving The LORD Total Access — 1 Comment

  1. Praise God! Amen! You are absolutely right! I embrace this message and Word of God! This is what I desire deep within my heart, not out here trying to pretend, but sincere about my walk with Jesus Christ. I have fallen quite a few times, but falling is no longer acceptable with me, I have to walk the narrow path all of the way in Jesus, with total surrender of my heart, mind, soul, body and spirit.

    I receive this message and thank God, for those true Prophets, Shepherds, Ministers, Soldiers left who sincere about their calling, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, those who still have the compassion of Jesus Christ, abiding in His Love. I can entangle my own self, without the assistance of false prophets. The Lord has given me a low tolerance for false doctrine, false prophets and sinful foolishness.

    I continue to pray for misguided, misled, lukewarm, backslidden, lost souls, but I am at a point where I will not jeopardize my walk in Jesus for compromise, it is not worth it, it’s wrong and it has no place in my life.

    Thank you, for sharing this heart filled message of truth, I respect it! God bless you!

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