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  1. This is my season and forever more to stay closer to God. Thank you Dr. Dee for this confirmation and allowing the Lord our God to use you faithfully.

  2. Glory be to God, the one who remembers me, am grateful Lord, You are indeed the only true God. Let your name alone be glorify.

  3. This is confirmation but this part really hit home >Those who intentionally harmed you physically, spiritually and emotionally will return to you to ask for forgiveness and ask to reconnect.

    They are being compelled by God to do so, because their next season is depending upon it. Do not gloat in this moment, pass the test.  It happened yesterday someone that I’ve experienced some hurt with did indeed basically do this I did not gloat in this moment I was not lead by pride or ego I did indeed pass the test and I thank you Jesus for total deliverance and fulfillment Amen!

  4. Sis. Your words have truly spoken to me for the past months. I had a prophet tell me God was judging me and was going to kill me. Turned people against me. A day b4 your prophecy June 18 of being censored. The devil came full force at me. Thoughts of suicide, fear crippled me for weeks….but God. But like Elijah God pulled me out the cave and I am walking with Jehu anointing. Bless you sis

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